Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Great Wall

During Karlene Reilly’s visit we hired a university van and spent a day traveling to the Ming Tombs, lunch at The Schoolhouse restaurant at the village of Mutianyu, then a 2 hour visit to the Great Wall. It was a glorious day. Mutianyu section is particularly picturesque, as the photos demonstrate. Our group was led by Anna, who has gone 3 times to visit this section of the wall, and Rick and Elizabeth, for whom this was the second trip. Karlene has visited the Badaling section of the Great Wall twice and reports that Mutianyu was a more vigorous (treacherous?) walk along the Wall. Pictures cannot quite prepare you for the beautiful vistas, the sense of history and the vastness of the winding snake through the mountains. Even a steady flow of other tourists could not diminish the wonder of The Wall.

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Ann said...

Still no word from Anna or Elizabeth! I know that these two girls always have LOTS to say and I can't believe we haven't heard from them!!

I really think these photos are Photoshopped. Anna and Elizabeth must be in the witness protection program. Free Elizabeth! Free Anna! Let them speak! We want to hear from them about their experiences in China!