Friday, May 29, 2009

Track, Swimming and Basketball

In May Anna participated in a track-and-field event for all the international schools. BISS took a big contingent. Anna won two (!) medals, a gold and silver, for her fast efforts. She trained with vigor and used the techniques taught by her daddy. In an elementary school swim meet last week she came home with two gold medals in swimming. She’s blossomed into a great athlete.

This spring Elizabeth participated in the junior high basketball team. Her skills also improved steadily throughout the season. Having tried soccer, volleyball and basketball teams (along with all the sports they engage in during gym class) the winner is….. VOLLEYBALL as her favorite.


Ann said...

Hey Anna, this one's for you!! WUUUWEEEE! What a job winning all of those medals! A track star is born . . . no, a swimming star is born! Way to go, girl!!

Most importantly, I hope you had lots of fun participating in track and swimming. Winning medals is awesome, but having fun while doing it is even more important. Congratulations, Anna!!! Sending lots of huge squeeze hugs your way!! With love from Aunt Ann

Ann said...

Now, Elizabeth, it's your turn! I bet you had a blast playing basketball! Glad to hear that you decided volleyball is your favorite. That may come in handy if you ever decide to participate in those crazy volleyball games at Indian Lake during the cousins party! Everyone will want you on their team! You rock!

Squeeze hugs to you from your Aunt Ann, who sends her love.