Saturday, January 17, 2009

Food Insights (Rick & Judy)

Restaurants usually bring just one menu for the table and the waitstaff watch as you look over the menu and decide what to order for the table. Eating is a communal system where meals are shared, which encourages sharing of conversation and ideas as well. When ordering food we have learned that only one person should speak to the waiter or waitress or most likely your order will be mixed up. Having a second person say “dressing on the side” or “meat well done” almost always results in confusion. You’ll end up with one meal dropped, or two salads. What can we expect when we live in a world in which we are illiterate!

Food continues to be our biggest challenge. Chinese food here is not the synthesized version we have in the US. The Chinese are amazingly efficient in using all parts of the animals, but it continues to be disconcerting to see pig snouts, chicken feet, intestine, deer afterbirth and other items offered on menus.

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