Monday, January 19, 2009

From Anna!

Hello. I am alive. China is very different from the US. People on the street sell stuff like food and sox and hair stuff and gloves. Right when we walk out of our building the smell is yucky, but when you keep walking you feel a little better. My mom sometimes looks at me and we go “ewww.” GROSSSS!!!!! The money here buys more stuff than in the US. My school is very different than in Newton because they teach in periods and the periods here are very short. There are 8 kids in my class and they are from Singapore, India, Korea, China, and the US. I like the school a lot. I am learning to play violin. Love, Anna

P.s. from Mom: Wednesday Anna came home to report that she needed a red cape and basket to be Little Red Riding Hood in a classroom play. I just assumed we would turn the Red Sox sweatshirt inside out and voila! But Thursday after school Anna thought that was insufficient. So off we went to the small shop on campus that has our favorite seamstress in the back of a narrow shoe store. She hems pants ($1.50), makes Christmas stockings from newspaper patterns we drew ($1), fixes tears in pants and sweaters, so we hoped she could work her magic. Sure enough, she had some red fabric. Through pantomime and the help of a student with limited English we drew out a picture of what we wanted. Come back in one hour, she said. We went to the fruit and vegetable market and bought a basket for 7 quai ($1). At 7 pm we returned and our seamstress had made up a cape fit for a Broadway Little Red Riding Hood. She asked for 50 quai (about $7), for a last-minute rush job. A bargain, we thought!


Ann said...

Hello Little Red Riding Hood also known as Anna!

Thanks for taking the time to write about your experiences in China. I have been very concerned because we hadn't heard a peep from you in months! That is so unlike you!!

You have been on one grand adventure! You also are the only person to mention the smells. I have wondered how you managed when faced with nasty, stinky smells, but I guess you do what all the rest of do when we encounter them - breathe through your mouth and get away!

How are the violin lessons going? Do you like it? Why did you pick the violin?

How did your play go? I bet you were the best ever Little Red Riding Hood!

I bet you have been trying a lot of different foods. What has become your favorite? What was the wierdest?

Where do you get to play? What kinds of stuff do you get to do when you play? Does your school have recess? Do you get to go outdoors for recess or is it inside? Are you learning Chinese? Write back when you have a chance.

Sending you much love, big squeeze hugs, and kisses, Aunt Ann

Katy said...

Hi Anna I like you're picturs. Do you really have eight kids in you're class because I have 22 kids in my class!I'm learning how to play the flute. I'll see you later Little Red Riding hood.From Katy.