Monday, January 19, 2009

From Elizabeth!

Hi. I exist. I’m really in China. We just went to the Summer Palace, well the southern part of it… I think. I’m going a concert tonight by some British band called Delirious? I have noticed, learned and realized many things and I think I shall share some of them with you all…
1) People sell all kinds of things everywhere. Toys, socks, gloves, all the gadgets and whistles. They can all vary in price. Some people push there luck and others give you an unbelievably low price, but one thing the Chinese have mastered is the art of bargaining. They bargain like mad. And almost every time they will say “ Lady! Lady!...I lose money!... Just a little more… Just for you lady because your daughter is so pretty… 10 more just 10 more!” and things like that. If I do say so myself I have become a pretty good bargainer.
2) People spit all the time in China. And I know why. It’s because dust and sand from the desert blow in and it gets in the air and you breath in air, so to get it out they constantly spit! I just can’t help but think about all of the spit we step on everyday.