Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hong Kong Report Part II

After exploring Hong Kong proper for two days we took a cab out to Hong Kong Disney, where we spent 3 days, including New Year’s Eve. As usual, the hotel was lovely and relaxing. The Disney park is smaller than the Magic Kingdom in Florida, but since these parks are too vast to fully experience anyway, it was just right for us. They threw a rollicking New Year’s Eve party. We returned to our hotel for the countdown to midnight. By then we were all happy to just walk down the hall to bed. The crowds at Disney were primarily Chinese, with some Japanese, Korean, Australian, European and US visitors tossed in. It was an international experience.

There are so many moments of pure pleasure in China, like dancing with children to piano music in the hotel lobby. We had another such moment when we took a break from the Disney experience to see the bronze Buddha on Lantau Island. Sitting high on a plateau, it is an impressive sight. The cable car ride up to the Buddha offered yet more vistas of Hong Kong. Chances for whimsy also perk up all around us.

Perhaps because of the wide range of people and cultures, the music at Disney had interesting edits. While pure orchestral music included all the main Christmas carols, if there were vocals any trace of express Christian language was edited out. It was fascinating to realize that Silent Night was sung as: “Silent Night, Holy Night. All is calm, all is bright. Sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace.”

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