Saturday, March 28, 2009

Anna’s Birthday (Anna)

I’m 10 years old! On my birthday I went to school. Right when the bell rang after morning tea everyone went in the classroom. They were screaming because they were excited to eat my cakes. We had two cakes. One of my cakes was a pink ladybug. The other cake was a normal cake with a doll on it. Everyone sang Happy Birthday three times in three languages – English, Korean and Chinese. I started cutting the cake but I stopped right away to save the ladybug’s face. Everyone said, “Oooo, you’re going to kill the ladybug,” so I quickly scooped the face up onto the plate and I saved the ladybug’s face. It was beautiful.

For my birthday party I went [on the weekend] to “The Hutong” and we made pizza and cake. My friends Disha, Su Bin, Julie, Z and Essa came, and some moms and a dad. We had a lot of fun.

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Ann said...

Happy Birthday (again), Anna! I love your pictures of your birthday celebration at school. The ladybug cake is beautiful! So was the second cake, from what I could see. It sounds as if you had a memorable 10th birthday.

Is it my imagination or have you grown taller since we last saw you? It sure looks like it! Were you lucky enough to get birthday presents this year? What were they? Write back and let me know when you have a chance.

Squeeze hugs! Aunt Ann