Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rehearsals – The Agony & The Ecstasy (Rick)

Acting is much more difficult than it looks. First, we have to deal with Shakespearean Old English. Second, we have to remember that our audience will be in a semi-circle around us, so we have to speak to the audience, not to the person we’re actually talking with. Most of the time you are at a 90 degree angle to the person you are having the conversation. Third, it is easy to get nervous and freeze and forget your lines. You have to walk and talk at the same time…. Four, we dance: the waltz, minuet, some hip-hop, disco and the electric slide. This is not my strong point. It’s like doing the Macarena and Chicken Dance with a bunch of 8th graders who have been doing it all their life and you are working off the numbers and “X” marks on the floor. Sometimes the choreographer will say, “instead of a stomp, slap, hit we’ll do a slide double-hit on both heels.” I’m going “duhhh.” Everyone else is a pro! Finally, we’re singing. I am one of 5 male voices, with a limited range. Again, difficult for me. I’m a “Base 2” singer. Does anyone know what that is? All I know is it’s not second base in baseball. We practice four nights a week. I need every one. By the way, I’m growing a beard to look like Lord Capulet. My looks are my strong point! I’m glad to show the girls that it is an adventure to be outside your comfort zone.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Rick! Resident music education major here. There are two main kinds of male singing voices, tenors (high), and basses (low). If you need to split into more male parts than that, you can do tenor 1, tenor 2, bass 1, and bass 2, with the 1's being higher than the twos. Basically, it means you can sing very low! Probably lower than Dustin Pedroia, in fact.

I'm enjoying following your blog and reading about your adventures.

~Erin Grady