Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Anna: Hits the Slopes and Plays with Friends

Anna, Rick & Judy went on a Saturday BISS ski trip to Nanshan Ski area outside of Beijing. (Elizabeth was at the volleyball tournament.) It was a crisp and beautiful day. Beijing is so dry that it seldom snows, and even less so this year due to a draught. The snow is all man-made, so you go down the white slopes surrounded by brown hills. After a two hour refresher lesson Anna left her parents in the dust and took off with friends to ski away the afternoon. Quite fun!

The following Saturday Anna invited her friend Jo-Anna to play. Jo-Anna and her family are from Korea. Her dad arrived via cab at the West Gate of Renda with Jo-Anna and her younger sister, Younee. After a few minutes in the apartment, her dad went to leave. It became apparent that he was also leaving Younee. EUREKA MOMENT! This was the second time that we invited a child to play, and a younger sibling came along. It makes sense that in Asia, when you invite a child you are inviting any siblings who want to attend. This attitude of inclusion toward siblings permeates the BISS school. Kids of different classes play easily together. Very nice…..

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