Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Neighborhood McDonald's and Rick’s Girlfriends

Most mornings Rick goes down to McDonald’s, which is down the road from the West Gate of Renmin, about a ½ mile from our apartment. He is usually greeted by a friendly staff and a group of elderly women. Since September he has been buying the women hot chocolate when he comes in, much to the smiles of all. Judy occasionally comes along, just to mark her turf and remind them all he is married….

A large grocery/department store is right next to McDonald’s. One morning after breakfast we were able to capture the employees preparing the store for an 8 am opening. The security guards lined up for inspection and proceeded to their work stations with military precision. The women who attend the aisles fanned out to their areas. A crowd had gathered for the special of the day. It may be a soap or snack or toothbrushes offered for price low enough to encourage 100 people to wait in line for the opening.

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