Monday, February 23, 2009

Everyone Who Could Went Home for New Years

Yes, it appears as if everyone except transportation, hospital and tourist workers went home for the Chinese New Year. (While the New Year/Spring Festival is technically a week, things slow down for a full month.) Even the “barber shop” on the corner en route to the subway was closed for several days. When we first arrived we noticed that this shop has a barber pole outside, a single chair that seemed never occupied by a person getting a haircut, and a sofa with 2-3 attractive young women in short skirts. As the weather turned colder, the skirts stayed short, and the hair-cutting chair stayed unoccupied. When we noticed that the shop was open at 10 pm it confirmed that this spot was not in the business of cutting hair. Twice we’ve seen a baby bouncing happily on a mother’s knee, so we don’t judge what any of us might need to do to feed our family. But we were happy to see the door locked for Chinese New Year. As we said, everyone who could went home for the New Year….

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