Friday, February 6, 2009

Why Fireworks? (From Elizabeth)

Our Chinese class performed a play to explain the origins of Chinese New Year. According to legend there was a monster named Nian (played by Z) who would chase and eat the people small villages. Although the Jade Emperor locked up Nian, the monster was released on the last day of each year to search for food. One New Year's Eve when he came to a village an old woman (played by me!!!) was frightened as Nian attacked her and dropped her pot. Nian was startled and ran away when he heard the loud noise. He then chased after a second villager who was carrying fire. Nian was again frightened. The villagers learned that to keep him away they should make loud noises and place red paper that look like fire around the village. Since then, every year loud noises and fireworks keep the evil spirits away. We are all safe!!!!!!yay for us

P.s. Photos are from the Balla family.


Ann said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for enlightening us about why the Chinese celebrate their New Year with fireworks. Your play sounds like it was a big hit! Congratulations on landing a starring role and accept my sympathies that you had to play an old lady! Sometimes things go like that, but I bet you were the best old lady ever!! I love the pictures. They gave me a terrific sense of being there.

Take care and write again soon. Love from Aunt Ann

Judy McMorrow-Rick Reilly Elizabeth Reilly, Anna Reilly said...

thank. i agree that i rocked at being a old lady. well its feb. 7th and we are STILL hearing fireworks/crackers. cant wait to get a squeeze hug when i get back!!!!